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A Derivative Token Liquidity Protocol


What is HIPO?

HIPO is a native liquidity protocol on Arbitrum that supports derivative tokens to use as collateral and offers fixed-term and fixed-rates.
Take Derivative Tokens
as Collateral for Liquidity
Take derivative tokens, such as DEX LP tokens and staking tokens, as collateral to obtain liquidity.
Choose from
Multiple Loan Durations
Choose from different durations that best suit your investment needs flexibly.
Borrow or Lend
at Fixed Rates
Get a predictable interest rate for a fixed time, with peace of mind and stability.
Earn Yields
by Providing Liquidity
Earn low-risk yields without having to take on excessive risk by using a single token.

How HIPO Works?

I'm a lender

1 Choose a token and duration
2 Deposit funds
3 Withdraw and earn fixed income
Fixed Income Invest your funds and earn fixed income for consistent and reliable returns.
Higher Return Achieve a higher return than other lending protocols on HIPO.
Early Withdrawal Supporting early withdrawal to provide you with greater control over your finances.
Multiple Durations Invest with multiple durations, which enables you to plan your investments easily and flexibly.

I'm a borrower

1 Pledge collateral
2 Choose token and duration
3 Borrow the funds
4 Repay the loan
Leverage for Yeld Farming Adding leverage to your yield farming in other protocols is made easy with HIPO.
Liquidity Use the idle derivative tokens in your wallet to obtain liquidity while also earning the original yield.
Fixed-Rate Using a fixed-rate loan can make managing investments easier and more controllable.
Risk Management Using a fixed-rate loan can make managing investments easier and more controllable.

I'm a liquidity provider

1 Choose a token and duration
2 Add Liquidity
3 Yield Farming
Passive Income By providing liquidity on HIPO with a single token, you can earn passive income.
Low Risk You will not bear the reduction or loss caused by impermanent losses.
Higher Capital Efficiency By concentrating the liquidity in specific areas, you can optimize the capital utilization and make it more efficient.


Pool-based & Peer-to-Peer Liquidity Model

  • Maintains the advantages of liquidity concentration

  • Achieves higher fund efficiency

Unified Primary & Secondary Markets

  • Allow lenders to withdraw their funds at any time

  • Passively manage rate risk

Market-Driven Rates Discovery

  • Rates are determined by the supply and demand of funds in the market

  • The term structure of different maturities helps to stabilize interest rates

Unique Interest Rate Term Structure

  • Simplifies interest rate risk management.

  • Offers richer trading functions for a liquid market.

Risk Control Mechanism

  • Collateral segregation enables more accurate risk pricing

  • The price smoothing mechanism optimizes the borrower's liquidation risk


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